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"After inheriting a property, I was saddled with the additional expense of condo fees and maintenance.  After losing a loved one, I was also facing my own medical issues at the time, and the stress of another property to maintain was becoming a burden.

Working with Kevin, he was understanding of my situation and quickly presented me with options that would allow me to sell the condo quickly, but take the time I needed to remove any personal belongings I felt near and dear.

Having never sold a property in the way before made me apprehensive, but having Kevin walk me through the process calmed my nerves.  He offered a fair price for my property, was very transparent about the procedures and I am very grateful for his guidance throughout the process."     --Michael E.

Meet Kevin

Kevin is a St Louis Native, like a good Italian boy he still lives a few miles away from his Mom.

He went to UM-Rolla graduating with a degree in Engineering.  After a few years working in the field he realized the Engineering lifestyle was not for him and started his journey into Construction and then into Real Estate Investing. 

He has now flipped over a hundred houses but loves hearing about the success of his coaching students and adores his amazing wife Cami and Three boys who are highly active in sports, sports and more sports.

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