How To Work With Real Estate Agents

How to work with real estate agents.

Working with real estate agents can be challenging, but it does not have to be!! Often we shy away from agents when really all it may take is some time to educate them.

It is important to take time to establish a relationship with them. The great thing is that in many parts of the country, the market conditions allow for you, as the investor, to take time to do this. This is where you show how you can be of value to the agent’s business.

1. Sit down and educate the agent about what you do, your goals, your strategy and your needs.

2. Ask them to share with you how they understood your goals, strategy and needs and then clarify any misunderstandings.

3. Ask them about their experience with investors and creative financing.

4. Educate them on creative financing, especially strategies that you may use.

5. Explain to them how you can be of value to their business and how they can help you.

As a successful investor it is important for you to acknowledge that a good real estate agent is an asset to your business.

1. Real estate agents are often a commodity to bankers since they frequently work together when using traditionally financing. Often banks can favor RE agents since they often work together. This too can be helpful to you.

2. Real estate agents, like investors, work with a power team, such as attorneys, title companies, inspectors, appraisers, etc. If you are struggling for finding power team members your RE agent can be a great source in finding those members.

3. RE agents can help you with market research, MLS access and comps.

Working with real estate agents can open doors for you that have previously been closed or unavailable. When working with agents, remember to not abuse the relationship.

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